Step by Step Admission

This is a step by step explanation of how it actually works for an international student striving to get his/her education in Sweden to apply with our help. It’s a general overview of the process, so that you get an understanding of how to walk from point A to point B. More detailed information about the application process is available in How to Apply.

Step 1. Express your interest to study in Sweden.

Maybe you have chosen your future university and study programme, or maybe you are still wondering what will be best for you.

Step 2. Get our guidance.

We help you decide on the university and programme by making assessment of your educational background and preferences.

Step 3. Decision making.

Based on the options suggested, you are to take a decision on where you would like to apply. In Sweden you are allowed to apply for 4 different programmes even in different universities. You are to prioritize them in order.

Step 4. We help you to apply and check out all the documents necessary.

We follow your application during its review time. We advice which scholarship could you apply for and help with the application as well.

Step 5. Get the admission result and the result of your scholarship application.

Step 6. Take a decision which study programme you accept in case if you are offered several programmes.

Step 7. Get in contact with the university you chose.

Step 8. Arrive to Sweden and start your exciting student life.

When turning to us you will get help with your application during min 6 months period starting from choosing a relevant for you university and study programme to your admission. We provide our guidance taking into account details specific for the country you are coming from.

How It Works

Do you need guidance with your application? This is a general overview of How it Works to apply for your studies in Sweden with our support

How To Apply

Application process involves several stages. In this section you will find a detailed information about how to give a good start to your application
On this page you can give a good start to your application process!
You might have chosen your study programme and university already, or probably you are still doubting about the exact choice, but determined to apply to study in Sweden? This is how you move further with our help:

Get in touch

Get in contact with us if you have questions, wonder about anything, need more information in order to decide whether Sweden is the right place for you to study what you want.
Send us an email to with “Need more Information” in the subject field of your email.

Administration fee payment

When you took a decision to apply with us, you should pay 200 Euro for application and administration fee in order to secure the work that we will be doing for min 6 months in guiding you with the application process from start to finish. Wonder what you are paying for? Read more in How it Works.
Send us a request for account details to with “Bank Account Request” in the subject field of your email.
Your profile and key documents
As soon as you have paid the administration fee, send us the following information and documents:
Which field of study you prefer based on your educational background and which study programmes you are interested in
Copy of transcript of results (in your native language and in English)
Fill student info paper and send it by email
These documents are needed for us to assess your eligibility to the study programmes you would like to apply to. This assessment will increase your chances to be accepted for the programmes you are eligible to. You will also get our consultation related to a scholarship relevant for your case.
Send the documents required to with “Application Documents” in the subject field of your email.
CV and Motivation letter submission
After you get our guidance related to your eligibility and make a decision to which programmes you are applying, submit your CV and Motivation letter. These documents will be used to help you with the scholarship application as well. This is the key step to be taken in order to proceed with your final application.
Send your CV and Motivation letter to with “CV & Motivation” in the subject field of your email.
Get University Admissions account
After your CV and Motivation letter are submitted, there will be an account created for you in University Admissions website. You will get the full access to this account when you be admitted. We will follow your case to make sure that all the documents needed are submitted. You will also get our guidance in case if additional documents are needed during your case assessment by Swedish University Admissions.

Pay application fee

This is the fee that each student applying to study in Sweden should pay when submitting an application in University Admissions. As soon as we make your account in University Admissions, we should log in and pay your application fee there( Before process began you pay 200 Euro to us and we are paying from there). The application fee assures that your application will be assessed further by Swedish Authorities. Read more about the application fee in Sweden here.

Follow up

We will follow up your case in University Admissions and will provide any guidance needed in case if additional documents from your side are needed, etc.
Get informed about your admission and scholarship and confirm your choice
As soon as you get admission results, you need to confirm your programme choice. It might happen so that you get offers from several universities you applied to. In this case you are to make a decision and confirm your choice and inform us about your decision, so we can confirm it from your University Admissions account.
Get in contact with your university
When your choice is confirmed, the university will contact you directly with your email address and update you by information relevant to your studies and your arrival to Sweden.
Apply for visa
Visa process differs depending on the country of the applicant. Please, find relevant information about visa process by visiting the website of Swedish Embassy in your country